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5 Interesting West Nusa Penida Destination

Deva Setiawan March 4, 2023

One of the islands with a variety of exoticisms in the western part of Nusa Penida, which is located in the southeast of Bali. West Nusa Penida destination has recently returned to viral popularity among travelers. Some of these destinations can be on the list to visit

5 Interesting West Nusa Penida Destination

1. Kelingking Beach

If you explore the Nusa Penida itinerary, one of them is definitely this beach. Kelingking Beach is in Karang Dawa Village. Although you can only see the beach from the hill, the charm is extraordinary.

Kelingking Beach

Not a few tour services with the West Nusa Penida destination guide that offer this beach. At Kelingking Beach, visitors can do snorkeling with manta fish. This fish is the largest stingray species in the world.

The origin of the name Kelingking Beach will be answered when you see a hill there. The shape is similar to the little finger. 

2. Paluang Cliff

This location also offers views of the sea from a height. West Nusa Penida destination guide will usually take tourists to Paluang Cliff for a memorable vacation experience. Stunning panoramas from the top of the cliff make this place different.

Paluang Cliff
Paluang Cliff

This place can be categorized as Nusa Penida’s Best Spot. The journey to Paluang Cliff will be through the swamp. It’s a little hot. However, the cool breeze still makes the trip less tiring.

Besides enjoying the beauty of the sea, this place is also a location for hunting sunsets. At Paluan Cliff, the beauty of the sunset will look perfect without being covered by anything. There is nothing wrong with this location being the best choice for Nusa Penida nightlife.

3. Angels Billabong

Australian tourists gave the name to this charming place. The place will also be worth it to get into the nusa penida day trip. The beauty of the clear water makes people give it a name like a pool of angels.

Angels Billabong

Located in Dusun Sakti, Angels Billabong has an unspoiled landscape in West Nusa Penida. The land is mountainous. The sea view is also phenomenal with emerald color. However, not many have touched this place.

4. Cristal Bay

Many are familiar with this place. a beautiful bay with white sand. Cristal Bay Nusa Penida is often the main destination for tourists.

The bay with a stretch of gray white sand also has soaring rocks. In addition to enjoying the beach, some also choose to snorkel in this place.

The bay has crystal clear water. Thus, enjoying coral reefs and marine life is a favorite for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. Although the place is remote, the charm of the sea is unmatched.

5. Broken Beach

The name sounds weird. But when you look at the location, it will look so. The Balinese call it “Pasih Uug“. Pasih in Balinese means beach, and uug is broken.

Broken Beach

Pasih Uug does look like a crushed rock. There is a part of the ground that has a big hole under it. It’s like a tunnel with seawater filling its cavity.

However, the beauty of the sea water has given West Nusa Penida destination the very best spots. Especially the photographers who want to explore the best photos, or to be uploaded on social media.

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