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How to Get Money from the Latest YouTube 2021 Complete

Deva Setiawan September 21, 2021

Infopenida.com, How to Get Money from the Latest YouTube 2021 Complete. The current YouTube platform is not only a video platform to find entertainment videos because many people are also trying to use it to earn additional income and also a reputation by becoming a YouTuber.

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Because of this, there are many ways to earn extra money creating content on YouTube.  But before starting to become a Youtuber there are several conditions that must be met first.

The Youtube platform development team has determined the best algorithm so that it displays the right choice of videos on the user’s side, but still profitable for the channel owner.  So that you don’t make a mistake and maximize your work, see how to get money from YouTube below!

How to Make Money from YouTube?

How to Get Money from the Latest YouTube 2021 Complete
How to Get Money from the Latest YouTube 2021

Some people think that just by creating and uploading videos on YouTube, they will earn money.  But in reality there are some provisions that must be done and owned.

One way to earn money from YouTube is to enable the monetization feature in the “Your Channel” section of YouTube.  This platform provides five monetization services with different terms and conditions.

Ad Revenue (AdSense)

This monetization service is a service with the easiest requirements.  The condition is that the account holder is at least 18 years old or there can be a guardian as a companion in handling payments through AdSense.

Then what kind of content meets how to earn money from YouTube with AdSense?  YouTube doesn’t limit the topic of discussion, but your videos must not contain violence, insulting content, adult content, narcotics, etc.

Subscribe to Channel

There are two requirements to avail this service, the first is to be at least 18 years old and the second is that your channel must have more than 1000 subscribers.

This means you have to get at least a thousand people who hit the subscribe button or subscribe to your channel.

Merchandise Gallery

The next way to get money from YouTube is to create a merchandise gallery.  You can include product offerings in the videos you create.

However, make sure the merchandise you are selling is of high quality.  The merchandise gallery feature is only available to channels that have 10,000 subscribers and are over 18 years of age.

Super Chat & Super Stickers

Other YouTube features that you can use as an opportunity to make money from YouTube for you are Super Chat and Super Stickers.  Slightly different from other services, this feature can only be used when you are broadcasting live.

Both of these features will be active through the comments column in the premiere.  Your revenue will come in when users decide to buy and use both features.

YouTube Premium Earnings

YouTube Premium is a paid service provided by YouTube. In recent years YouTube has opened up their paid service.  This opportunity is one way to make money from YouTube for you.

With this service, all you need to do is create content for YouTube Premium users to enjoy.  Your income will also increase if customers make monthly payments.

How to Make Money from YouTube for Beginners

How to Get Money from the Latest YouTube 2021 Complete. For a beginner, maybe the previous method looks a little complicated.  Check out the review below to find out some of the initial steps you can take as a beginner.

Watch Video Making

The first way to make money from YouTube for beginners is to pay attention to the process of making videos.  Starting from drafting the concept to editing and uploading must be done optimally.  That way, the impression of the audience on the created channel will also be good.


Again, the way to make money from YouTube is not just by uploading videos and then expecting a lot of money to come.  It takes consistency to develop channels to be successful in generating revenue.

Monetization Opportunities

If your YouTube channel is stable, both in terms of content and subscribers, then start looking for monetization opportunities so you can earn money from the channel you create.

Besides taking advantage of monetization from YouTube itself, maybe you can also use other social media as a marketing medium.

How to Make Money from YouTube with Android

You don’t have to use professional equipment, you can start working using only your smartphone or android app.  

Even though they are optimally processed and presented creatively, these works can be a source of income for you.  Curious how to get money from Youtube with Android?  Follow this step!

Get the most out of your phone’s camera

The first step how to get money from youtube with android that can be done is to maximize the default camera on your cellphone. 

No need to use a mirrorless camera or DSLR, with a built-in camera that has high camera pixels and sufficient stability, you can use it as your capital to create various YouTube content ideas.

Video editing app

Next is to use an editing application.  There are so many recommendations for video editing applications that you can use.  

The quality and features they offer can also be used in the process of creating YouTube videos.  Some of them are InShot, KineMaster, and CapCut.

Social media

One of the shortcuts to making money from YouTube with Android that you can do is to use social media.  By sharing videos through social media, it will be a means to introduce your videos to a wider audience.

Supporting factors

Some of the aspects of how to make money from YouTube quickly below can be considered so that your channel works optimally as a means of generating income.

What’s the Right Topic?

The choice of topic can depend on your own taste.  However, if you want to quickly increase your view count, you might consider bringing up a topic that’s going viral right now.

How many subscribers to earn money from YouTube?

The number of subscribers required as a condition of one of the ways to earn money from YouTube depends on the service you choose.  Generally, YouTubers use AdSense services.

With this service, you only need to create content according to YouTube’s terms and conditions. 

If you choose another service, you will need to amass 1,000 to 10,000 subscribers to successfully generate revenue.

What is the Right Video Length?

As one of the steps to get money from YouTube quickly, the duration of the video is a crucial factor.  Generally the ideal video to watch is around 10 to 15 minutes.

Also pay attention to other video elements such as image clarity, background music, and slick video transitions.  

By paying attention to these aspects, viewers will be more comfortable to linger on your channel.

That’s Populix’s review on how to earn money from YouTube.  By becoming a YouTuber, you can earn up to 250 thousand rupiah for every 1,000 views.

But don’t just consider the number of revenue figures, the quality aspect of video content must also be considered so that viewers are more comfortable seeing your work. 

Apart from being a YouTuber, there are many other professions that you can try and explore.  Find more information and inspiration through Infopenida.com articles

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